Bust the Dust | 3 Simple Steps To Retain A Dust-Free Carpeted Household


Carpets are enormous reservoirs for dust and dirt because they retain dust filaments within their fibres. No matter how hard to try to prevent it, dust is inevitable in your household. Regular carpet cleaning is an essential factor involved in retaining a dust-free carpet. If you want to rid your carpet of dust, follow these strategies and bust the dust out of your home.

Vacuum Carpets Regularly

Keep the dust and termites away from your precious carpets by regularly using your vacuum cleaner –– you can do this chore once a week or more often if your home is prone to dust. Use a vacuum cleaner that comes with a highly efficient air filter to prevent dust from flying into the air as it gets released from the carpets. When vacuuming, make sure you pay close attention to the frequently used areas –– especially if your family wears shoes from outside over them. Vacuuming is perhaps the most important step in your carpet cleaning initiative.

Dust your Removable Carpets and Rugs Outside

If you have removable rugs and carpets, you may want to give them a good beating in your backyard. This activity will help to eliminate all stubborn embedded dust and bugs that refuse to leave your carpet, even after the process of vacuuming. Use a tennis racket or cricket bat to eliminate as much dust from your carpet fibres as possible. While you can't do the same with your fixed carpets, this step will ensure your detachable carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

Steam Clean the Carpets Every Once in Awhile

While vacuuming and dusting your carpets are essential, you may want to consider hiring a steam carpet cleaning service like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning every once in awhile (a few times a year) to eliminate all the excess dirt as efficiently as possible. Steam carpet cleaning is a process where hot water is squirted on carpets –– this hot water is then extracted immediately along with the embedded dirt from the carpet. The steam cleaning company will then spray chemicals on the carpet to loosen all residual dirt. Once the carpet dries, it will look almost as good as new once again. Steam carpet cleaning helps reduce the dust on your carpets because it removes dust particles much more efficiently than regular home cleaning methods. Keep in mind that steam cleaning takes several hours to dry, so you may have to wait awhile before you can use your carpet again.

Maintaining a dust-free household isn't as easy as you think –– it requires hard work and commitment. But the carpet cleaning results are well worth it when you consider the positive health impact of a dust-free environment on your family.


30 July 2015

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My grandmother was a fastidious housekeeper when she was younger. As she has gotten older she's finding it harder and harder to clean as vigorously as she used to be able to. She doesn't like having the house messy but she's not quite ready to move into a home. That's when we have began looking at other options to make sure the house stays clean. We have started getting in a house cleaner once a week and it's making a huge difference to the way she feels about life. From our experience and what we learned to you: this blog is all about organsing cleaning services for elderly family members.